Wedding dresses are the centrepiece of your wedding day, and as such, brides and brides to be spend a considerable amount of thought, time and money on sourcing the perfect one. You may already have an idea of what the perfect gown looks like to you, or you may even have a hand-full of unique wedding dresses earmarked. Still, when choosing the ultimate wedding gown for yourself, your sense of style and your dream wedding, there are a few things you should be aware of.

You Need to Organise the Dress in Advance

This probably doesn’t need saying since you’ve been planning your perfect wedding for ages by now, but organising a dress, that perfect dress, takes a considerable amount of time, and you shouldn’t hope to get it right at the last minute. There will be availability issues, the need for alterations, and a small reception of other complications that might get in the way.

Because of this it is best to start as early as possible looking for your dress. We recommend that you do it between 6 to 8 months before the big day. If, however, you have left things a little too late, a dress can be rushed out, though it might come at an extra cost.

But What if You Pick Up Weight?

You might have some stringent weight-loss goals planned for fitting into the dress you love, or you might have the ideal body right now; but bodies and plans have a way of changing.

To make sure that this doesn’t get in the way of donning the dress you had your eye on, order it in a larger size, rather than a slimming one. No, we are not being mean or planning for the worst, the thing is that dresses are much easier to turn-in than they are to make larger.

Have a Deposit Ready

Bridal couture in Johannesburg has a lot of money tied up in it; not just for the buyers, but for the designers and sellers as well. Because of this, they won’t be all too eager to put their own businesses at risk by letting you take a dress or gown without collateral, so be sure to have a hefty deposit ready when you go to an appointment with a boutique.

Should You Make the Decision Alone?

While there is nothing wrong with going to a bridal dress appointment alone, you will probably want to have a few close, key decision makers there with you. Let them weigh in with their opinions, or simply have them there for moral support. But it is recommended that you have between one and three close friends or family members with you to help take the pressure off.

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