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Why Buying Local Wedding Dresses Can Benefit You

By January 28, 2020April 27th, 2022No Comments

What Causes Bridal Dress Stress

Leaving It Until The Last Minute

With everything, giving yourself the right amount of time to really look at what is available before making a decision is always a good choice.

On the flip side, when you have too much time, you may start to overthink, making decisions which you may otherwise have not made.

The best thing to do is to have a happy medium when choosing your wedding dress. Choosing the right dress is important has this is what you will be wearing in all of your photos.

Your wedding day is a memory which you want to be as close to perfect as possible.

Choosing your unique wedding dress made for you and your body is better than choosing any wedding dress of the rack.

Too Many Voices

When looking for the right bridal couture, you need to keep in mind the fact that it is your day and that although your family and friends may have a say, its your choice.

In a sense, you have to be a little bit selfish as it is your special day and it is your entire appearance we’re talking about here.

By all means, listen to what your family and friends have to say, but always trust your own instinct.

When there are too many voices in the room, all with their own opinions and styles, it can become overwhelming.

Vonve Bridal Couture offers exceptionally crafted wedding dresses, however, not all dresses maybe your dress.

Hiring A Stylist

A lot of brides believe that they have to hire a stylist to help them with their wedding dress purchasing as they think that the stylist will improve their appearance, and knows best.

A lot of stylists believe this as well.

The truth is that although this is their job, no one will be able to choose the right dress for you, it’s all on your shoulders.

Your very own unique wedding dress is waiting for you, however, stylists like particular looks and will choose some looks depending on the season.

What is your style, your look and your feeling?

These are the questions which really matter.



Trust Your Style Not Your Friends’

Reiterating the above, when it is your special day you need to be choosing the wedding dress of your dreams, not your best friends’ dream.

Yes, you may trust your friend with your entire being but this is your day and they might not know what the style or look you want is.

They probably aren’t versed in the art of choosing a wedding dress either.

You may not know what you like, but you certainly know what you don’t like.

Let Vonve Bridal assist you, rather than tell you what you should be wearing.


Don’t let the fact that wedding dresses are an expensive asset deter you from purchasing your dream one.

You will be spending quite a bit of money, however, you don’t have to break your bank to get your perfect wedding dress.

Many people will beg, borrow and steal in order to get that one wedding dress but when working with a business such as Vonve Bridal Couture,  you will have choice and range, as well as a lot of different styles.

Trust your gut and stick within your budget, it will make the entire experience far more enjoyable.

Buying For the Future

If you look at a wedding dress and bridal couture as an investment rather than as an expense then you will be doing the right thing.

A whole host of people view a wedding dress as something which will be worn once and then will sit in a box in a cupboard somewhere.

If you actually think about it, it may be an item which is a long term investment as it is something which holds its value for a longer time than other clothing.

Whether you decide to lend it to a friend for their wedding or gift it to a family member, there are many ways to utilise a wedding dress after you’ve walked down that aisle.

Another use for the bridal couture is that you can actually sell it for a good price either in person or online.


Be Neutral

At Vonve Bridal, we believe that you should always come with an open mind, however, maybe it shouldn’t be too open.

The reason for this is that having a mind which is too open or too closed is a recipe for disaster because any way you look at it, you’re going to make a rash decision in the final moments.

Before you find that unique wedding dress that is going to extenuate your beauty, be sure it really take a step back, and out of yourself and think about what exactly you would want to see you wearing.

By doing this, you aren’t thinking about the wedding or the family and friends and their opinions, you’re thinking about what exactly you’d like to see yourself in.

Now, of course, this may be difficult, but giving yourself just the right amount of time will allow you to remain neutral.

Custom May Not Be For You

Finding your bridal couture in Johannesburg is not always the easiest job in the world.

Let’s face it, its rarely ever an easy job.

If you want to go custom, creating your own unique wedding dress, think about what exactly this implies.

The cost of custom wedding dresses can be much higher than buying a specific design.

On top of this, it can be harder to sell custom wedding dresses if you decide to as it doesn’t come from a specific brand, something which a lot of people care about.

If you’re looking for fun, free and unique wedding dresses, visit Vonve Bridal to find the one.

Trying On The Whole Collection

A huge mistake that brides make is trying on the entire collection and beyond that the entire store.

The issue is that when you try on too many options, you cloud your judgement and reconsider whether or not your style or vision is the right one.

Of course, it is important to listen to wise counsel, such as the skilled employees at Vonve Bridal, however, you should also trust yourself as you are going to be the one in the dress at the end of the day.

Have a handful of options and styles you want to try rather than just going in willing to have your mind changed constantly.

Choosing The Wrong Accessories

One of the major parts of any unique wedding dress is the accessories which bring the entire look together.

In some cases, you can choose the wrong accessories, or choose too many accessories.

You will look way to glammed up and there leaves no place for a natural look.

If the accessories don’t match the dress or the overall theme, you’ve spent money on things which are distracting rather than attracting.

Reasons Why Local Is Better


Freedom To Browse

When buying bridal couture in Johannesburg, rather than an international supplier, you’re giving yourself the freedom to browse.

What this means is that you are not setting yourself up where you have to purchase a wedding dress now or it won’t arrive in time for the actual wedding.

Giving yourself the time and the peace of mind to actually take a look at what there is and seeing it right in front of you makes it a much more complete experience.

Your Own Hours

Another reason to choose local, such as Vonve Bridal, is that you get to choose your own hours when you want to go and take a look at the wedding dresses.

Where online has its place and can be effective if you have a reputable bridal couture business near you, why not try them out first and see what they have to offer.

The prices will also not be as high as when you buy from an online supplier.


Travel Expenses

The travel expenses cost a whole lot less when buying local than when buying international or online.

Yes, you may not have to even leave your house to get your wedding dress but the cost to get it to you from another country can be much more expensive than simply buying local.

Getting your unique wedding dress doesn’t mean that you have to go to great and extravagant lengths.


Whether you’re a businesswoman or not, networking is always a positive thing as it allows you to broaden your horizon and your contacts.

Who knows what meeting with Vonve Bridal could bring you in the future or your future business.

Besides this, the simple fact that you are meeting with qualified and highly skilled personnel can help you to give better advice to your family and friends when their big day comes along.

Customisation (If You’re Into That)

Another benefit, if it is an option in your mind, is customisation. The process may take some time, however, when doing it locally, it is much easier to get it done and pick it up than if it had to be shipped.

Vonve Bridal has the variety for you to choose from and can make adjustments to the dress once your choice is made.

Local Experience And Knowledge

Having local experience and knowledge means that you are getting a design which is based in principal on local trends and techniques.

The benefit of this is that the dress which you want will be made with the South African mindset, keeping you rooted in your country as well as splashing in new and innovative looks.



Designed For Your Country’s Weather

Another positive of buying local bridal couture is that it is designed with the South African weather in mind.

Having a wedding dress that is made for the climate is a huge benefit as the weather can go from hot to cold and back within a few moments.

It will be able to keep you cool or warm you up and you will feel comfortable throughout the entire wedding service.

Supporting Local Business

Vonve Bridal is a South African made business which provides unique wedding dresses to brides.

With classic looks to more trendy and unique wedding dresses, supporting local business has never been easy.

By supporting local business you are supporting the growth and development of the economy which is a win-win for you and the country.


Building a community, as well as being a part of the wedding dress community in South Africa, one which is booming and is constantly growing and innovating is being a part of the future.

Vonve Bridal is one of the leaders in the bridal couture industry and has staked their claim of one of the best developers and suppliers of wedding dresses.

Adding to this, Vonve Bridal is also focused on building the entire South African bridal couture industry to the level of the international market.

Being a part of this is a great venture.


Finally, being able to choose from a local business makes your unique wedding dress much more unique than you realise.

Much like supporting local businesses, the connection you will have with the dress will most certainly exceed your expectations when you are able to feel it and try it on before buying it.

This is something which buying online or intentionally can really not give you.


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