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After two years of low-key celebrations, it’s time to get back to wonderful ways to get wed. However, this doesn’t mean doing the same things the way they’ve always been done. Instead, new trends and traditions mean couples are ready to celebrate weddings like never before. So get ready for a more intentional guest experience, personalised details, and sustainability.

Reception only

One of the new wedding traditions includes reception-only celebrations, where the wedding ceremony itself involves only the couple and essential guests like the officiant and witnesses.


Getting married at your engagement party? Why not? It’s half the expense, planning, and stress. And what you save on your budget here, you can add to your honeymoon allowance. Is this a wedding tradition that will take off? Only time will tell.

Intimate ceremonies

A wedding tradition that’s likely to continue is the micro-wedding. Cosy spaces where everyone can comfortably celebrate and small receptions where the couple can mingle, relax, and thoroughly enjoy their special day may be the new order of the day.

Whole wedding weekends

On the opposite side of the wedding tradition spectrum is the rise of the wedding weekend. Think welcome parties and activities, wedding day celebrations, and day-after brunches. This is ideal for guests who travel from further away to enjoy some downtime as well.

Bold, colourful décor

White weddings are one of those wedding traditions that will endure. However, there are more hues featured on modern wedding palettes. From pretty pastels to bright combinations, couples can pick the colours that are personal to them both or that represent them individually, complimentary.

Unique tablescapes

Decorations are coming down for the ceiling to be better appreciated up close. Flowers, dishes, and favours play together through little details to surprise and delight your guests.

Fiercely formal

Black tie is back. After months of sweatpants and hoodies, everyone is excited for a reason to dress up. And while there are no rules, like with most of these modern wedding traditions, rather than ball gowns and top hats, challenge guests to find fun formal looks that are comfortable and memorable.

Special guest experiences

Another result of social distancing and minimal socialising is that people want everyone to have a good experience. Couples want to ensure that when their guests leave – eventually – they feel cared for and special. This wedding tradition is as simple as involving everyone in games, sharing personal welcome notes, and creating special memories to last a lifetime.

Make it entertaining

While entertainment isn’t a new wedding tradition, it’s time to level up. Create a mini music festival, bring the theatre to dinner with a musical, and create an extravaganza that involves your guests – but only if they’re comfortable participating. Of course, not everyone wants to be a performer, so let them have fun in their own way.


Sustainability is a wedding tradition that will probably be around for many years still. From hiring vendors with greener footprints, selecting plastic-free options, using online invitations, and donating the flowers, couples are making considered efforts to have a greener wedding.

Towering tipples

The classic champagne tower has seen a spectacular revival and is a fun way to engage everyone in the toast. Take it one step further by building a tower of your favourite cocktails. Mix it up with martinis or mini bottles of bubbles.

The one enduring wedding tradition

A beautiful bride in her perfect bridal gown is the foundation of every unforgettable wedding. Whether you choose a traditional ivory gown or prefer to twirl in a pastel vintage tea dress, what you wear more than any other element of your wedding day will be what you’ll never forget.

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