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Milla Nova has created an exclusive collection that is bound to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. The collection has a golden touch of elegance with the mixology sexiness in the art of these unique styles.  The collection includes fifty-five couture gowns with a vast diversity of silhouettes and luxurious fabrics.

This collections aim is to showcase fashion-forward timeless designs. The ultimate deigns in each gown holds the highest quality fabrics, hours of glass beadwork and impeccable designs.

Romantic ball gowns, A-lines, mermaids, long trains and all deigned to bring the utmost comfort is the features throughout the collection. The fabrics include silk, chiffon, taffeta, silk satin, jacquard, crepe chiffon and pleated fabrics balanced by the dramatic structure of ruffled organza complimented by crystal beading, complex detailing, hand-embroidered appliques and delicate sparkle tulle. 

To the gorgeous 2021 Milla Nova brides, you will have the chance to find your dream wedding gown within this outstanding collection. The Highlight of the Milla Nova 2021 collection is the unique construction of our signature seamless corset. Keeping up with trends the corset will inevitably cinch the waist and make for a more couture look. Featuring no side seams and panels give the illusion of the natural flow and continuation of the gown and providing a fit and comfort like no other. 

Milla Nova 2021 Bridal Collection is now available in a retailer near you. For more information and to find a store closest to you, visit

Milla Nova is a luxurious brand that specializes in fashion-forward bridal gowns, luxurious evening wear and delicately made accessories. The history of the brand started in 2014 and has grown throughout these years. Milla Nova wedding brand will continue to bring “dream come true” to life with our couture uniquely inspired art that becomes a luxurious wedding gowns. 

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