Weddings can present an overwhelming number of choices, particularly when it comes to selecting the right dress for the occasion. Brides-to-be often fuss over this one particular concern more than any other detail, and it’s because unique wedding dresses tend to be the centre-piece of any wedding. If you’re having a difficult time making a choice that suits you, here are some questions that you can ask your bridal shop that will make the choice simpler.

Am I Limited by my Wedding Date?

Knowing your limitations where time is concerned is a good start when shopping for bridal gowns. Unique wedding dresses take a staggering amount of time to prepare, so when opting for something customised you will likely need to put your order in months and months ahead of when you will be wearing it. So ask your bridal shop if the dress you have in mind is at all possible with the time you have available before you plan on wearing it.

Can this Dress be Customised for Me?

You may find that you want to make specific changes to the dress you have your eye on. They often come in different colours and fabrics, and you’ll never know until you ask. In some cases the bridal shop can exact changes for you, in which case you should also enquire about the cost, if at all, of doing so.

Which Accessories would Work with this Dress?

The choice between bridal accessories may be overwhelming for you, or you might have your eye set on something in particular already. In either case, it is a good idea to consult the bridal shop as to which accessories would best suit the dress, since the ones that you had in mind might not work well with your dress of choice.

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