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It’s your big day and that means you deserve to look like the most beautiful girl in the world in a way that totally exudes the essence of you. With so much to consider and so many details to contemplate, it’s easy to forget that your hairstyle should work together with your dress


Not Sure Where to Start?

Taking the neckline of your dress into consideration is a fantastic place to start. A classic sweetheart neckline is versatile, allowing for an equally classic updo or the option to counter-balance the classic look with a messier updo. A dress with a one shoulder feature can be beautifully complimented by hair that pulls to the other side.

Detailed Necklines and Open Backs

Bridal couture, we believe, is an art form. If you’ve chosen a neckline that features beautiful lace accents or beautiful beading, then no hair should get in the way of showing of your magnificent taste – consider half-up styles or side-swept styles so that your hair makes a quieter but still glamorous impression. For an open back, consider a loose, fishtail braid accessorised beautifully or a classic ballerina bun to really show off that open back.

Staying True to You

Getting caught up in the technicalities of style and choosing a look that ensures your make-up, accessories, hair and gown integrate exquisitely can be incredibly fun. With that being said, it can also be incredibly stressful if perfecting those components take over to the point where being comfortable and being yourself is pushed to the wayside.


Your significant other wants to spend the rest of their lives with you because you already encompass beauty to them. A woman is at her most beautiful when she is comfortable in her own skin and totally at home being herself.


Keep it quirky like only you can, and if you need some girly advice on how to do that, contact the team at Vonve Bridal Couture or feel free to visit their website.





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