On one of the most important days of your life, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to want to be the most beautiful lady in the room – in fact, it’s totally expected. So how do you go about choosing a unique wedding dress that will help you accomplish just that? Looking at your body is a great place to start if you’re hoping to find a dress that fits you in every way, rather than looking for a dress that you simply fit into.


Different Body Shapes

Standardised body shapes include hourglass, pear, apple, triangle, rectangular and round. With that being said, every women’s body is completely unique and won’t necessarily fit into one of those categories with 100 percent exactness. Instead, focus on the areas that may trouble you about your body or that you perceive as being difficult to ‘dress’.

Bustier Brides

Since there is a generalisation in place that it is ‘every girl’s dream to have big boobs’, I’ve found that the issues of bustier brides are rarely discussed. Being bustier eliminates certain styles for us ‘chestier’ girls and that can be a sad realisation – strapless is definitely out (at least in my case)! With that being said, there are styles that can ‘hold up your girls’ and look just as elegant – think high necklines with lace detail and scoop necks with straps.

Hiding that Tum

Whilst many of us wish for a six pack or flat stomach, the reality is that those are difficult to achieve – and this is perfectly okay. Make your tummy look flatter by choosing an A-line dress in a material that hugs you nicely without clinging and betraying every lump or bump.

Creating Curves

To create the illusion of well-placed curves, ruffles and strategically placed tulle with volume- adding accentuating pieces are your new best friend (along with a great stylist and dress designer, of course)! Don’t forget to add plenty of detail onto the bodice of your dress as beading will make it appear fuller.

Looking for a Dress that Fits YOU?

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