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When arriving at your dress appointment, one of the most common questions you will be asked is what type of silhouette you would like to wear. You might already know how you want your wedding dress to look however being able to describe your dream wedding dress can be helpful in order to find the perfect gown. Let us have a look at the guide below on the five most popular wedding dress silhouettes:

A-line Wedding Dress

Consider the A-line as a midpoint between a sheath and a ball gown silhouette. An A-line dress, which is named for the way the skirt creates an “A” shape on the body, flares out from the waist down more than you would see on a sheath, however not as bold as the ball gown. The A-line gown is universally flattering and ideal for all themes; whether the wedding is beachy, classic, or something in between.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

If you have ever dreamed about the ultimate fairytale wedding, this is the dress for you. Ball gowns are one of the most vintage wedding dress silhouettes and will immediately give you the Cinderella look on your big day. The ball gown features a fitted bodice with a wide skirt; this is usually achieved by using layers of tulle. Since this dress glides over the hips and lower torso, this gown is perfect for those who would like to cinch in their waist.

Sheath Wedding Dress

A sheath gown skims the body and drops down to the floor below the hips. This silhouette is great for brides who want a simple gown, since it does not need as much fabric as the other silhouettes. What the sheath wedding gown lacks in volume, it makes up with its versatility. This gown works great with nearly all types of fabrics including lace, satin, beading as well as crepe.

Fit & Flare Wedding Dress

Brides who would like to show off their physique without wearing a dramatic silhouette should consider this wedding dress instead. The fit and flare silhouette is a toned-down version that still hugs your body while flaring out from above the knee, giving you more freedom with your legs.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid gown is known for being the most flirtatious silhouettes, since it is extremely fitted throughout the body. The mermaid gown either accentuates your figure or creates the illusion of an hourglass shape. This attention-grabbing dress flares out by the knees and is often decorated with beading or ruching.

Looking for the perfect dress?

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