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We give you all you need to know when on the hunt for the ultimate wedding dress. Everyone has a different body shape, knowing which style of dress best suits your shape will assist with your dress hunt. What questions to ask before purchasing your dress and what to wear under your dress for the correct support.

What do you wear under your wedding dress?

What garment you wear under your wedding dress is based on what type of style your dress is. Having the correct comfort and support gives you the confidence to glide through the day. When you’re looking at a strapless dress, a strapless adhesive bra is a must. Gowns which draw attention to your tummy and hips should have sleek undergarments to ensure no ripples in the fabric and to assist with a smoother look.

How do you choose a dress for your body type?

Firstly, determine which body type you are, this will give you a better understanding on the type of dress that will flatter your shape. Pear shaped means your shoulders will be wider than your hips, wearing a dress that compliments your shoulders such as a strapless dress will look lovely. If you have an hour glass shape, highlighting your waist line will be gorgeous for you. V necks or sweetheart neck lines will go well for an apple shaped body type.

What questions to ask before buying a wedding dress?

Now you have found your dress but asking the right questions will give you the peace of mind you need. How long will it take your dress to be altered? How many dress fittings will you need, plan and schedule these in advance? Are the dress fittings included in the initial cost? What happens if I gain or lose weight after the final fitting and can I order extra fabric to have a wrap or head piece made? All these will assist with your choice of dress and supplier.

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