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After the “I dos”, cutting the wedding cake is the highlight of any wedding ceremony. And every year bakers and betrotheds dream up wonderful and unique sweet celebration pastries to make their reception memorable. These are some of the expected wedding cake trends for 2022.

Pressed blossoms

Pressed flowers are a popular alternative to fresh flowers on buttercream or fondant cakes. This gives the design a delicate simplicity and a splash of colour. In addition, they’re perfect for weddings at any time of year because your florist can help you pick blooms during specific seasons and select them far in advance. However, keep in mind that certain flowers should not be added to food.

Detached tiers

A growing trend is wedding cakes that feature split layers rather than disguising the tiers with icing. These cakes have visible pillars supporting each tier, creating an even larger and more extravagant cake tower. These pillars may be clear or filled with fresh fruit or a seasonal bouquet to create a breathtaking centrepiece.

Bold statements

The days of the wedding cake being plain are long gone, with modern couples looking for cakes that make their guests look twice. Imagine rich colours, irregular tier heights, alternate textures, messy buttercream, mid-tier pedestals, and metallic colours dominating the scene. Keep in mind that whatever you decide should represent you as a couple.

Personalised cookies

Cookies are expected to be one of the most popular wedding cake trends in 2022, whether used as wedding favours or in place of a wedding cake. Many couples are foregoing conventional wedding cakes for alternative sweets and delights. And when it comes to small events, many people want to add a personal touch.

Dessert tables

Instead of lavish cakes, more couples are choosing alternate dessert displays such as brownie sundae stations, exquisite pie displays, doughnut walls, etc.

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