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Wedding favours are small gifts usually given to your guests as a token of appreciation for sharing your special moment. They are not mandatory, so consider your budget when deciding whether to include them. Some of the reasons to have wedding favours include:

  • As a way of thanking guests for giving up their time and money and making an effort to attend your wedding.
  • As a way of making your wedding memorable through keepsakes to serve as a lasting memory of your big day.
  • As a way of reducing waste by giving guests to-go bags of food, decorations, and flowers, making sure none of the items they spent a lot of money on goes to waste.

If you decide to hand out wedding favours, don’t spend too much time or money, as this takes away from your resources for the rest of the wedding.

Some couples are moving to welcome bags rather than a traditional wedding favour. These days, such a gift could be a monogrammed face mask, personalised hand sanitiser, tissues, and maybe a little chocolate.

What to give as wedding favours?

Great wedding favours will cement your wedding day in your guests’ memories for a lifetime.

Home essentials

Guests are more likely to take gifts that can be used, like soaps, candles, glasses, plants, etc., home.

Edible gifts

Favours like cookies, chocolates, drinks, etc., are great for guests to relive the day at home or give to a family member that missed out on the wedding.

Novelties favours

These are unique and personalised gifts such as glassware, coasters, blankets, etc.

Charity donations

Tell your guests that you’ve donated to a specific charity in their name instead of spending the money on wedding favours. Provide them with a monogrammed card that explains where their gift went and the difference it made.

Pictures and portraits

Photo booths are always popular at celebrations. It allows the guests to create memories with you and each other. Alternatively, you could have an artist draw portraits, although this might take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

Eco-friendly favours

Gifts like seed bundles, flower bulbs, or potted plants are environmentally conscious gifts that will remind your guests of your special day for years to come.

DIY gifts

These could be gifts you (and your wedding party) made yourself, like little glass jars with customised stickers filled with homemade lip balm, spice mix, hand lotion, etc. But, on the other hand, it could be a gift that invites the guests to get creative, for example, a puzzle of a picture of the happy couple, pottery tiles and paint, a gin-making kit, etc.

Who gets the gift?

There are a few options to consider as to who receives wedding favours. This may influence what you choose to give, as well as how many.

For example, if you have a small wedding with a few guests, it’s easy to give favours to all the guests.

One wedding favour per family or couple is great if you want to spend a little more on homeware items but save on costs overall.

Alternatively, if you’re not entirely sold on giving wedding favours, you might choose to give little tokens of affection to your close friends and family only.

Finally, you can send out your wedding favours with your personalised thank you notes for gifts. This ensures that people who were unable to attend the wedding but sent gifts get to experience a little something of your celebration as well.

Don’t feel obligated

While wedding favours are a traditional way to express gratitude to your guests, they’re not necessary. Instead, the entire celebration can be considered a gift – spending time with good friends while enjoying delicious food, quality drinks, and a memorable experience.

However, some visitors might still expect a wedding favour when they go to a wedding. This is usually because they consider it tradition or feel it’s an acceptable show of gratitude from the couple. Unfortunately, wedding favours are frequently left behind by guests for many reasons. As a result, you’ve wasted money on something you’ve spent time on to ensure it’s unique.

Do yourself a favour

Wedding favours are perfect tokens to celebrate your happy journey together as a couple with the people closest to you. Getting the dress of your dreams is a favour you owe yourself, and the team at Vonvé Bridal Couture Gowns are waiting to help you. Book your dress fitting appointment today.

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