It’s hard to imagine that something as simple as sleeves can completely change how a dress looks. With so many different styles it could be difficult to choose one, or whether you want your wedding dress to have any sleeves at all.

Modest cover

You might feel sensitive about your arms or you’re getting married during a cooler season. You could be drawn to the subtle sexiness of an off-the-shoulder gown or want the elegance and formality embodied in a long sleeve. It doesn’t matter why you choose a wedding dress with sleeves as long as you are comfortable. How else will you enjoy your special day?

Choosing your style

Wedding dresses with sleeves are becoming more fashionable. These are some of the popular styles.

Balloon sleeve

This sleeve is balloon-shaped over the upper arm down to the elbow where it narrows to the wrist. It’s often paired with a big wedding dress skirt.

Bell sleeve

This style is fitted from the shoulder to the elbow and then flares out to the wrist, where the cuff adds a bit of drama. It creates a flattering fullness.

Bishop sleeve

A classic sleeve style that’s making a big comeback, bishop sleeves are full at the top and then cuffed at the wrist.

Cap sleeve

If sleeves aren’t really your thing, you might consider a cap sleeve. It is a short sleeve that just covers the shoulders and has no fabric under the arm. It usually combined scoop or boat neck necklines for a sweet and feminine touch.

Flutter sleeves

If you’re looking for something feminine and whimsical, this is what you want. Flutter sleeves have a ruffled effect as the fabric drapes in folds over the upper arm.

Illusion lace

For a bit more coverage illusion lace sleeves cover the entire arm from shoulder to wrist. More or less skin can peek through depending on the density of the lace weave.

Juliette sleeve

If you want to channel some Shakespearean romance, this long fitted sleeve puffed at the shoulders perfectly pairs with an empire or sheath wedding dress.

Long sleeve

Winter weddings are becoming trendier and a long sleeve is an obvious choice. It is a fitted sleeve that finishes off above the wrist or at wrist length. It suits formal elegant classic wedding dress styles.

Off-the-shoulder sleeve

This is a romantic choice that appears to drape off of the shoulder, allowing you to expose skin in a chic way.

Petal sleeve

Also known as the tulip sleeve because it is a criss-cross of fabric over the bicep in a way that resembles flower petals.

Poet sleeve

Gathered at the shoulders this sleeve flares out in volume from shoulder to forearm where it’s fitted in a cuff.

Three quarter sleeve

This is a modern classic, usually a fitted style from the shoulder to a midpoint between elbow and wrist. This style allows for arm accessories with less risk of snagging.

Short or T-shirt sleeve

This sleeve goes from the shoulder to the middle of the upper arm. It adds structure to a wedding dress without overpowering other style lines.

Wrist sleeve

This is an extreme long sleeve that covers the wrist joint and is perfect for winter weddings. Visually it lengthens your arm.

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