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From stationery to place settings and wedding favours, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed with the details for your perfect day with a wedding partner like Vonve Bridal Couture Gowns on your side. Apart from taking the stress out of finding your dream gown, we’ve got a host of tips and advice to put together a gorgeously memorable event.

More personal, more memorable

Setting out with a thoughtful, deliberate, and organise plan will help you design your wedding with inspiration that is true to you, not the trends. That is not to say you shouldn’t browse some of the latest trends when setting out to design your wedding – just keep it authentic.

Ideally, your wedding day should reflect you and your partner.

Getting started

The starting point to design your wedding is to take an inventory of your likes, dislikes, hobbies, traditions, etc., as a couple.

Look at your closet for possible colour palettes or design motifs. Does date night always involve ice cream? Maybe an ice cream cart can be part of your dessert treats. Wherever you begin, make sure the trigger for the inspiration is uniquely yours. When your big day finally arrives, your guests will recognise you – both of you – in these little details.

Social media can be both a good and bad source of inspiration. It’s easy to say you like everything. The more important consideration is what do you like for yourself? When you start meeting with vendors, choose the five or six top images that best represent who you are and what you want. This helps to design your wedding with a purpose.

Whether you go digital and create Pinterest boards, or choose the old-school paper route, keep separate boards or folders for each category. While curating images, add notes about why it appeals to you to ensure the correct elements from your inspiration makes it to your wedding design.

Instead of search generic wedding style terms, such as “glam” or “boho”, when you find an image that catches your eye, scroll down to explore “more like this” options that are probably more in line with what you’re looking for.

Design your wedding venue tip

Where you plan to hold your ceremony and reception will have the greatest influence on your wedding design. The venue will impact the overall vibe and highlight which parts of your wedding vision will or won’t work. This could include whether you can use confetti cannons or free a dozen of doves. Your perfect venue should match your budget and style and work with your theme and wedding design without a major overhaul.

Alternatively, you can reverse engineer your wedding design by finding a location that is ideally situated, the right size, and budget-friendly. Then gather inspiration with that venue’s look and feel in mind.

A helping hand

You can absolutely do everything yourself and with the help of friends and family. However, if you have the budget, bringing someone whose professional life is sweating the small details onboard will help you get great deals on your dreams and pull the whole look together while you can enjoy the process, not just the pictures afterwards.

Whether or not you use a wedding planner, floral designers, stationers, etc., are called wedding professionals for a reason. Once you’ve shared your inspiration and the specifics of what you love, let your vendors do their job to provide you with something that isn’t a copy of the pictures you showed them, rather a realisation of your vision.

Make it multipurpose

Invest in wedding design elements that serve multiple purposes. For example, place settings that unfold into the menu or reveal the couple’s story. Or an interactive seating chart where each guest can remove their name to be redeemed for a customised cocktail or at a photo booth. Print two strips of photos – one for the guest and one for them to replace on the seating chart so you can enjoy their moments afterwards, too.

Design your wedding colour palette tip

Avoid limiting your design by picking specific colours. Instead, opt for a spectrum of tones. Think purple instead of lilac. Your favourite hue can be the main focus, while the flexibility allows for more choice for minor elements.

Now focus on you

No wedding design is complete without the gorgeous gown that is uniquely you. Find your dream wedding dress when you make an appointment with Vonvé Bridal Couture Gowns today.

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