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Part of planning your wedding reception is deciding on the first dance as a married couple. Maybe you want to feel more confident in your coordination together. Perhaps you want to learn a few specific moves. A dance lesson or three before your wedding day can help with it all. We have tips on when to start, what to wear, how to move, who you should play, and why you should make sure your dress fits your dream and your dance moves.

Getting started

Depending on your level of experience, you will likely need between three to nine lessons to feel confident about the rhythm, timing of the music, the dance steps, how to lead or follow, and more complex moves – spins, dips, or even a lift.

Ideally, you should plan for one lesson per week or every other week, so aim to start three to five months before your wedding date. Unexpected events could impact your schedule – add some buffer time.

A dance style

Some couples prefer to keep their wedding dance simple. Some may want fun choreography that reflects their humorous sides. Consider your personality as a couple, whether it is romantic or bursting with jokes, and bring it to the dance floor. If you have a specific song and style in mind, private lessons are ideal.

What to wear

When you first start dancing, wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and flats or running shoes. However, if your wedding dress has a lot of volume, consider practising in a tulle skirt when you’ve got the basics down to get used to moving in it. Likewise, if you are planning to wear high heels on your wedding day, you can switch to your day-of shoes once you have the choreography down.

Practice makes perfect

The only way to become the best dancing duo is through practice, freeing your mind and body, and reminding you how much you love each other.

Play it one more time

Replaying your first dance song many times before your big day will help you become familiar with its beat and length.

Take a deep breath

As you step onto the dance floor, all eyes will be on you and your partner. This can be pretty nerve-wracking, so take a deep breath before your wedding dance starts. Be in the moment and remember this special moment for years to come.

Flash mob?

Maybe a classic first dance is not your vibe. Instead, you could invite your bridal party to create a professionally choreographed flash mob to take the pressure off of you and your partner. Join them to surprise your partner or propose a dance-off between your squads. Your wedding, your rules.

Have fun

The most essential wedding dance move is having fun. Missed a step and lost your balance? Turn it into an impromptu dip and take a bow. Just have the time of your life.

Pick from our playlist

The first dance on your wedding day is romantic, personal, and unforgettable. However, finding the right song can be a daunting task, and there are thousands of love songs to choose from. So we have rounded up a dancing dozen, both classic and contemporary, to consider for your wedding dance.

  1. “Perfect Duet,” by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé
  2. “All of Me,” by John Legend
  3. “The Way You Look Tonight,” by Frank Sinatra
  4. “At Last,” by Etta James
  5. “A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri
  6. “Thinking Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran
  7. “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” by Elvis Presley
  8. “Better Together,” by Jack Johnson
  9. “Lucky,” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
  10. “Say You Won’t Let Go,” by James Arthur
  11. “You’re Still the One,” by The Maine
  12. “Mine Would Be You,” by Blake Shelton

The dance, the dress, the dream

The team at Vonvé Bridal Couture Gowns can help you pull it all together. Let us help you find the dress in which you can stylishly and comfortably dance, eat cake, and share long lingering kisses. Make your appointment today.

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