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Searching for your dream wedding dress is one of the highlights of wedding planning. Every bride has a wedding dress vision that perfectly balances their dreams, tastes, and style. Your wedding dress should reflect who you are.

Booking a dress fitting helps to minimise the stress of finding the bridal gown that you feel comfortable in. And one less stress means a better wedding planning experience.

One of the most significant benefits of booking a dress fitting with a bridal boutique like Vonve Bridal Couture Gowns is you get expert advice on the fabric, style, embellishment, draping and much more.

Experienced in-store consultants will help you navigate through the multitude of options to find the wedding dress that embodies your vision for the dress of your dreams.

Book your dress fitting

We’re not saying you shouldn’t get lost on Pinterest but trying on a few dresses is the best way to find the silhouette that suits your body. Everything else will fall into place after that. So, make a booking for a one-on-one consultation with the experts.

Feel free to bring your Pinterest boards along to chat through the styles and dresses that interest you. There may be elements of different dresses that appeal to you, so even if you can’t find a picture of precisely what you want, bring what you love and explain which elements are dealbreakers and why.

When you make your booking, check what the current store policy is. For example, COVID-19 has resulted in shops limiting the number of people allowed in-store at a given moment. So, where you may have been able to bring your entire entourage along for the dress fitting, the boutique may ask that you bring only one or two guests.

On the day of the dress fitting

Clear your day so you don’t feel rushed. Before you head into your bridal boutique, ensure you wear the right kind of underwear and a strapless bra. If you have jewellery selected for the day, bring that along to get a more complete picture.

Try to arrive a little early for your dress fitting appointment. You might be asked to complete a short registration before your consultant guides you through the wedding dress catalogues and the gowns on the floor.

Your dress fitting consultant will ask for details about your big day to keep tabs on anything that may impact the suitability of a particular dress. With more information, it’s easier to discover the dress of your dreams. This includes budgets and timeframes.

Fun fittings

Your consultant will help you select a few dresses and show you to a private fitting room. Because bridal gowns are unique and delicate, the consultant will help you try on each dress. This is another reason to wear appropriate underwear. However, feel free to tell her what you’re comfortable with and what not. In addition, she is entirely objective and can give you an honest, unbiased opinion before you step in front of your guests.

Finding a dress you fall in love with is a journey but a personal one. So when you decide on a dress, make sure it’s one your heart wants, not your mother or your brother’s girlfriend. This is another benefit of having only the most essential people along for your dress fitting.

Narrowing down the options

While every dress you try on might make you feel like a princess, consider each one thoughtfully and select your top two or three. Then, imagine yourself at your wedding venue and try a few accessories to bring your vision alive. If you have the earrings and necklace(s), you plan to wear on your wedding day, put them on – the same with shoes. If you spot a veil or tiara you love, try it on. When your look comes together, you know you’ve found The One.

The fit in dress fitting

Finding the dress of your dreams doesn’t mean it will fit perfectly on your dress fitting day. Now, your consultant will take measurements to ensure your dress fits you comfortably on your special day. In addition, bridal boutiques often have an in-house seamstress who can make alterations for a follow-up dress fitting.

Tell your consultant if you want to take a few days to think about your dress before committing. She will keep your size, the dress you want, and other details on file for when you’re ready to order or purchase your dress.

After the dress fitting

It can take some time to create the perfect wedding dress. If possible, try to order your dress four to six months before your wedding to ensure it’s not another cause of stress. However, you may also choose one of the styles on the floor that are available to take home right away or kept securely at the store until closer to your big day.

The fab fit for you

The team at Vonvé Bridal Couture Gowns is excited to help you find that dress. Book your dress fitting appointment today.

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